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Pinterest is an image-driven, social network that if employed the correct way, can boost your traffic on your personal real estate agent’s web page and most importantly bring you a steady stream of highly-qualified prospective clients. READ MORE >>

It’s imperative that every new or established agent has a strong online brand. 90% of potential homebuyers are searching online for properties and real estate agents, according to the National Association of Realtors. In the past, new real estate agents would hastily create their online presence. READ MORE >>

When most Real Estate Agents think about branding, they think about handing out pens, calendars, business cards or perhaps even direct mailing a monthly flyer. But branding is much more.  Branding is a personal asset you develop and build over time by providing a unique service to clients who come to value you and then gladly refer you to their friends or relatives. READ MORE >>

Today I will be looking at Pinterest, the phenom of social media. Tech savvy real estate agents are realizing the value of Pinterest and how to make it work for their business. If you haven’t created any boards and started pinning yet then you’ll find my posts a helpful guide for getting started. READ MORE >>

Unless you’ve been in suspended animation for the last decade, you’ve heard a lot of buzz about Tweets, friending, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and likes.  As a real estate agent, you are also hearing that unless you become an active user of social media you’re missing ... READ MORE >>

Every real estate agent I know is looking for an edge over the competition and a way to multiply their presence, so they can show more prospects the latest listings in the most favorable light. Video marketing is that edge. But using video, which offers much more functionality and depth than many other strategies, surprisingly, has not gained much traction among agents. READ MORE >>

If you’re a real estate agent that has decided to commit some time and effort to video marketing using YouTube, your own website and social networks, then you have already begun taking photos and videos of your property listings. Getting them organized on your computer is the next step. READ MORE >>

Ever Wished You Had A YouTube Channel? 90 percent of consumers seek videos of real estate listings when they are searching online for properties, research shows that only 4 percent of real estate agents actually post videos of their properties on their websites. READ MORE >>

According to a recent analysis of its customers by Postling, a company that offers social networking management services, 84 percent of its 7,000 real estate professionals are using social media as part of their marketing strategy. Only 29 percent of real estate agents use LinkedIn. READ MORE >>

Twitter Is Not Facebook The main difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter is less a place to schmooze, and more a place to champion your interests, causes, opinions – or promote your business. That’s because tweets from Twitter are picked up often in real time by Google, Bing and Yahoo. READ MORE >>

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